Vessel tracking by connecting the dots
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We propose an algorithm for tracking blood vessel segments in Computed Tomographic (CT) images. Our procedure first finds core points that tend to concentrate along the centerlines of vessels. Intuitively, the core points are centers of intensity plateaus [...]

Coronary Artery Centerline Tracking Using Axial Symmetries
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We present a method for tracking a coronary artery centerline given a single user supplied distal endpoint. Briefly, we first isolate the aorta and compute its surface. Next, we apply a novel two-stage Hough-like election scheme to the image volume to detect [...]

Coronary Centerline Extraction Using Multiple Hypothesis Tracking and Minimal Paths
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This paper describes an interactive approach to the identification of coronary arteries in 3D angiography images. The approach is based on a novel multiple hypothesis tracking methodology which is complemented with a standard minimal path search, and it [...]

Coronary Artery Tracking in 3D Cardiac CT Images Using Local Morphological Reconstruction Operators
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Automatic segmentation and tracking of the coronary artery tree from Cardiac Multislice-CT images is an important goal to improve the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease. This paper presents a semi-automatic algorithm (one input point per [...]

Automatic Branch Decomposition for Tubular Structures
Branches of tubular structures (vasculature, trachea, neuron, etc.) in medical images are critical for the topology of these structures. In many applications, It is very helpful to be able to decompose tubular structures and identify every individual [...]

Automatic Junction Detection for Tubular Structures
Junctions of tubular structures (vasculature, trachea, neuron, etc) in medical images are critical for the topology of these structures. Identification of them is helpful in many applications. For example, quantification of geometric vascular features, [...]

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