Vessel tracking by connecting the dots
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We propose an algorithm for tracking blood vessel segments in Computed Tomographic (CT) images. Our procedure first finds core points that tend to concentrate along the centerlines of vessels. Intuitively, the core points are centers of intensity plateaus [...]

Semi-automatic Segmentation of 3D Liver Tumors from CT Scans Using Voxel Classification and Propagational Learning
A semi-automatic scheme was developed for the segmentation of 3D liver tumors from computed tomography (CT) images. First a support vector machine (SVM) classifier was trained to extract tumor region from one single 2D slice in the intermediate part of a [...]

Semi-automatic Segmentation of Liver Tumors from CT Scans Using Bayesian Rule-based 3D Region Growing
Automatic segmentation of liver tumorous regions often fails due to high noise and large variance of tumors. In this work, a semi-automatic algorithm is proposed to segment liver tumors from computed tomography (CT) images. To cope with the variance of [...]

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