The current conversion from an ellipse spatial object to an image using SpatialObjectToImageFilter filter could cost minutes because the filter traverses all pixels in the output image. This delay is quite noticeable during applications such as [...]

BRAINSDemonWarp: An Applicaton to Perform  Demons Registration
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In this paper, a software application is introduced for image registration. BrainDemonsWarp is a com- mand line program using Thirion and diffeomorphic demons algorithms. The program takes in a template image and a target image along with other optional [...]

Diffeomorphic demons registration was widely used for medical image registration. This document describes the addition of mask processing mode with spatial objects for itkDiffeomorphicemonsRegistrationFilter when just considering the deformation field at the [...]

Multi-Atlas Brain MRI Segmentation with Multiway Cut
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Characterization of anatomical structure of the brain and effi cient algorithms for automatically analyzing brain MRI have gained an increasing interest in recent years. In this paper, we propose an algorithm that automatically segments the anatomical [...]

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