The graph windowed Fourier transform: a tool to quantify the gyrification of the cerebral cortex

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The Gyrification Index (GI) quantifies the amount of folding of a cortical surface. In this paper, we show the efficiency of spectral analysis to perform such a task, and in particular we explain how the graph windowed Fourier transform can be used as a tool to define new GIs with multiscale properties. We propose two different GIs and study their effect on a set of subjects whose cortical surfaces are modeled with triangular meshes.

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Categories: Feature extraction, Images, Mesh
Keywords: gyrifiation index, spectral analysis, windowed Fourier transform, Laplace-Beltrami operator, computational anatomy
Tracking Number: Labex Archimede, ANR MoDeGy, ANR-12-JS03-001-01
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