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Left Ventricle Segmentation in Cardiac Ultrasound Using Hough-Forests With Implicit Shape and Appearance Priors

Milletari, Fausto, Yigitsoy, Mehmet, Navab, Nassir, Ahmadi, Seyed-Ahmad
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Published in The MIDAS Journal - MICCAI 2014 Workshop: Challenge on Endocardial Three-dimensional Ultrasound Segmentation.
Submitted by Olivier Bernard on 2014-10-24 19:08:58.

We propose a learning based approach to perform automatic segmentation of the left ventricle in 3D cardiac ultrasound images. The segmentation contour is estimated through the use of a variant of Hough forests whose object localization capabilities are coupled with a patch-wise, appearance driven, contour estimation strategy. The performance of the proposed method is evaluated on a dataset of 30 images acquired from 15 patients using different equipment and settings.