An Integrated Computer-Aided Robotic System for Dental Implantation

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This paper describes an integrated system for dental implantation including both preoperative planning utilizing computer-aided technology and automatic robot operation during the intra-operative stage. A novel two-step registration procedure was applied for transforming the preoperative plan to the operation of the robot, with the help of a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM). Experiments with a patient-specific phantom were carried out to evaluate the registration error for both position and orientation. After adopting several improvements, registration accuracy of the system was significantly improved. Sub-millimeter accuracy with the Target Registration Errors (TREs) of 0.38±0.16 mm (N=5) was achieved. The target orientation errors after registration and after phantom drilling were 0.92±0.16 ° (N=5) and 1.99±1.27 ° (N=14), respectively. These results permit the ultimate goal of an automated robotic system for dental implantation.

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Categories: Data Representation, Registration
Keywords: Dental implantation, computer-aided, robotics, registration, orientation error
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