ReachIN: A Modular Vision Based Interface for Teleoperation

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Teleoperation is currently the dominant form of instrument control for surgical robotics. For example, the mechanical masters in the da Vinci surgical system provides a stable, precise interface for teleoperation, allowing execution of delicate tasks in complex surgical procedures. However, conventional teleoperation also adds the complexity of false feedback to the user from the interaction of the master manipulators with each other and other elements of the surgical console. Conventional teleoperation also has other inherent performance and accuracy limitations due to the mechanical devices integrated in such a system. As an alternative, we outline a hands-free system that could be improved without significant hardware redesign, and provide a sterile master workspace. Our ReachIN prototype is implemented by extending the Johns Hopkins University Surgical Assistant Workstation (SAW) framework to include additional vision interfaces and control methods. We present the design of this prototype and results from initial validation experiments.

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Categories: Feature extraction, Images, IO
Keywords: SAW, CISST, Teleoperation, Vision, Gestural, Telemanipulation
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