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3D Segmentation In The Clinic: A Grand Challenge II at MICCAI 2008 - MS Lesion Segmentation

Bockholt, H. Jeremy, Feis, Delia, Gasparovic, Charles, Magnotta, Vince, Pelligrimo, Peter, Scully, Mark
The Mind Research Network
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Published in The MIDAS Journal - MICCAI 2008 Workshop: MS Lesion Segmentation.
Submitted by Mark Scully on 2008-07-14T21:32:58Z.

This document examines the application of a new parametric method on the segmentation of MS lesions in brain sMRI, as applied to the data provided for the MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge at MICCAI 2008. The method uses the vector image joint histogram, built over a training set, as an explicit model of the feature vectors indicating lesion. The histogram is used to predict lesions in the test data by labeling feature vectors consistent with lesion feature vectors in the training set. The results are evaluated using STAPLE to compare against two separate human raters.