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Liver Tumor segmentation in CT images using probabilistic

Ben-Dan, Itay, Shenhav, Elior
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Published in The MIDAS Journal - MICCAI 2008 Workshop: Grand Challenge Liver Tumor Segmentation.
Submitted by Itay Ben-dan on 2008-07-14T16:33:05Z.

Liver tumors segmentation is an important prerequisite for planning of surgical interventions. For clinical applicability, the segmentation approach must be able to cope with the high variation in shape and gray-value appearance of the liver. We present a fully automatic 3D segmentation method for the liver tumors from contrast-enhanced CT data. The method consists of two main stages. First an initial histogram and statistical distribution functions are created, and from them a new image is created where, in each voxel, a weighted function is attached in accordance with the probability of the voxel grey level. Next, we use the active contour method on the new image, where the active contour evolution is based upon the minimization of variances between the liver tumor and its closest neighborhood.