MITK & 3DMed : An Integrated Platform Applicable for the Development of Computer Assisted Intervention Systems

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This paper introduces an integrated 3D medical image
processing and analyzing software platform which is open interface
and freely available. The platform consists of the Medical Imaging
Toolkit (MITK) and the 3-Dimensional Medical Image Processing and
Analyzing System (3DMed). MITK is an algorithm toolkit for research
and software development, while 3DMed is a MITK based application
system with a plug-in framework. The overall architecture and main
capabilities of the platform are described in detail. Presented
evaluations demonstrate that the platform can benefit the
development of computer assisted intervention systems.

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Categories: Classification, Code memory optimization, Code speed optimization, Data, Data Representation, Deformable registration, Derivatives and Integrals, DICOM, Edge Detection, Error Estimation, Filtering, Generic Programming, Geometric transforms, Higher order derivatives, Image, Images, IO, Iterators, Level sets, Linear Algebra, Mathematics, Mesh, Mixture of densities, Multi-modality registration, Neighborhood filters, Objects, Optimization, Parameter Techniques, Programming, Region growing, Registration, Registration metrics, Registration optimizers, Resampling, Segmentation, Streaming, Surface extraction, Thresholding, Transforms, Watersheds
Keywords: medical image, processing, analyzing, software platform
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