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Realistic And Efficient Brain-Skull Interaction Model For Brain Shift Computation

Joldes, Grand Roman, Miller, Karol, Morriss, Leith, Wittek, Adam
The University of Western Australia
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Published in The MIDAS Journal - MICCAI 2008 Workshop: Computational Biomechanics for Medicine.
Submitted by Grand roman Joldes on 2008-05-21T08:32:31Z.

In this paper we propose the usage of a very efficient contact implementation for modeling the brain-skull interaction. This contact algorithm is specially design for our Dynamic Relaxation solution method for solving soft-tissue registration problems. It makes possible the use of complex biomechanical models which include different nonlin-ear materials, large deformations and contacts for image registration. The computational examples prove the accuracy and the computational efficiency of our methods. For a model having more than 50000 degrees of freedom, a complete simulation can be done in less than a minute.